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Kahramaa in Qatar

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Kahramaa in Qatar

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Kahramaa has the privilege of being the sole transmission and distribution of electricity and water in Qatar. Al Abrag Trading Co. WLL – Expert in Mega Projects  expert contractor for drilling and boring services gained
partnership and Drilling Contractors with Kahramaa Qatar.

Water and Electricity infrastructure are the building blocks of any modern human settlement this is the philosophy that Kahramaa in Qatar operates on. Kahramaa is responsible for providing clean water and uninterrupted electricity throughout Qatar. Users can also access the Kahramaa mobile app for seamless accessibility of all Kahramaa services. While the Kahramaa was established in July 2000, today it has become a key stakeholder for several industries like construction. In fact, Kahramaa often operates in partnership with some of the leading engineering and construction contractors in Qatar for the development of public works infrastructure.

Electricity Projects

Kahramaa has been involved with several electric power generation projects. Apart from that, the electricity generation and substations are also controlled by Kahramma to ensure an uninterrupted supply of electrical power to all homes, offices, and other public places across the country. Kahramaa is also responsible for the growth of the number of electrical substations. Moreover, Kahramaa collaborates with both public and private infrastructure contractors to further their goal of maximum power transmission and distribution across Qatar. 

Water Projects

The most important water infrastructure projects in Qatar are usually headed by Kahramaa. In the water sector, Kahramaa has a highly efficient water network management system. Since 2008, the organisation has been working towards minimising water wastage and maximising the supply of fresh water to homes, offices, and other establishments.

Moreover, Kahramaa also implements some of the latest and innovative technologies in water network management throughout Qatar. For example, the in-line smart ball device is an innovation of Kahramaa that prevents the leakage of water from water pipelines. Besides, Kahramaa also heads several water development projects in Qatar.

  • Water Production – Kahramaa is able to achieve seamless delivery of potable and desalinated water across Qatar with its network of pipelines.
  • Water Network Development – With the massive distribution of water, Kahramaa will increase its supply reach across Qatar to 10,000 kilometres by the end of 2022.
  • Water Reservoirs and Pumping Stations – Kahramaa has also been involved in building several water reservoirs and pumping stations to supply clean drinking water to homes in Qatar.
  • National Water Control Center (NWCC) – At the NWCC, Kahramaa uses a state-of-the-art Water SCADA system for efficient monitoring of water flow.
  • Water Quality (WLab) – Kahramaa also operates a water quality lab that ensures treated water is safe to drink, by following the W.H.O. potable water guidelines.

Contract with Kahramaa

Since Kahramaa is responsible for the transmission and distribution of water and electricity across Qatar, it is not unusual that they are involved with several drilling and boring contracts throughout the country. One of these contracts is with Al Abrag Trading Co. WLL. Al Abrag Trading Co. is one of the most renowned and reliable boring and drilling contracts in Qatar. With their decades of experience, they have assembled a formidable team of engineers and soil experts. 

Al Abrag Trading Co. WLL – Expert in Mega Projects 

The partnership with Kahramaa has only strengthened the existing resources and competencies of Al Abrag Trading Co. With the pre-existing capability to manage boring and drilling projects, Al Abrag has now gained proficiency in similar mega projects during the course of the Kahramaa contract. If you are looking for an expert contractor for drilling and boring services for your water pipeline construction projects, then Al Abrag can be your preferred partner.