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Dewatering Well Drilling

Al Abraj Trading Company provides state-of-the-art dewatering solutions, pumping and Earth Boring in Qatar. We are a strongly field-oriented company and understand the dewatering needs of the contractors when it comes to Quality, Design, Costing, Timelines and Health Security and Environment (HSE)

Dewatering Drilling projects range from Shallow well points to large diameter deep water supply well. At Al Abraj we use the following Dewatering methods

Dewatering Drilling projects range from Shallow well points to large diameter deep water supply well. At Al Abraj we use the following Dewatering methods

Wellpoint Dewatering

Wellpoint dewatering method is used when there is a need to lower ground water levels by around 3 meters. Wellpoint Dewatering is also effective in complex soil conditions and shallow excavations.


We use overpumping method when it involves the removal of water from an existing reservoir and discharging it to a Lagoon or Sea. We use suitable set of pumps and piping networks for the operation. We also ensure that the pumping capacity is sufficient to match the flow rate.

Deep Well Dewatering

Deep well dewatering is used for deep excavations and differs from Wellpoint dewatering. Submersible pumps are used inside the site boundaries to provide a dry site for excavation. Deep Well dewatering systems are effective in a range of soil conditions beginning from gravel to fine sands.

Deep Well dewatering typically consist of vertical or inclined bore holes, in the order of 200mm to 300mm diameter. Our Deep Well dewatering systems is operated with minimal noise, it is easy to install and capable to pumping out thousands of gallons per minute per Deep Well. We consider all aspects before commissioning Deep Well dewatering system as it is a complex operation in consideration to Wellpoint dewatering.

French Drain Dewatering

French Drain Dewatering is very efficient when it is used to control surface of seepage of water between cavities of very hard water resistant layers or surfaces.

We use the help of vacuum or submersible pumps for the removal of ground water when it comes to French Drain dewatering

Dewatering Drilling Experts

At Abraj Trading Est, we are specialists in dewatering and we offer you:

  • Accurate and affordable dewatering program.
  • Constant attention and monitoring through out the dewatering process.
  • Experienced and skilled team for planning, cost estimation and execution of the project.
  • We serve general contractors of major building projects, dams, flood control, and relief wells.
  • Quick and fast service, drilling in all soil and pump erection & Flushing.
  • Compressor drilling, Manual drilling, Rotary drilling, Mud drilling are offered by us
  • Ability to handle multiple bore wells at one time.
  • Drilling in all type of soils this includes – clay, sand & rock
  • Earth Pits for Rain Water Harvesting.

Our projects

  • We have successfully completed municipal projects
  • Waste treatment plants, sewer lines, sewer tunnels, test wells, water supply wells, hydro study, instrumentation and controls
  • Dewatering for the construction of large complex projects constructed by Multinational corporations.

Our services include

we are one of the best and leading company in qatar with 25+ years of experience working in gulf region in terms of designing, installing and maintaining your dewatering system in Qatar

  • High quality and latest technology machineries which helps us to achieve a high level of productivity.
  • Adherence to time lines
  • Capacity to scale when ever necessary.
  • Productive site inspection and feasibility report
  • 24×7 assistance
  • Preventive Well care