ISO 9001-2015 Certified CompanyISO 9001-2015 Certified CompanyISO 9001-2015 Certified Company
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Quality Policy

Quality Managment System

   Al Abrag promotes a strong Quality culture within the organization. We firmly believe that Customer Satisfaction is our key to sustain our growth and that Quality serves a crucial role in ensuring such satisfaction


  • Maintaining Quality, time and safety Management system
  • Developing standard employee culture and providing good environment for building up of physical and morale health
  • Providing continuous training and updated enhancement of men and machines
  • Maintain and follow the business ethics with clients, contract and service
  • Continuous support and timely service to the client to fulfil their project assignments
  • Avoiding of contract disputes and facilitating zero break down timings
  • Follow up with all time zero accident safety procedure
  • Work for the client needs by providing flexible support in mobilization and demobilization of men and machine requirements according to the site situation
  • Maintaining of timely completion and handover of projects with the client’s satisfaction
  • Improving of standard through developing & maintaining of proper policy and procedures
  • Committed targets to achieve clients’ satisfaction and organization reputation.