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Choosing the Right Boring Contractors for Kahramaa Projects in Qatar

Category : Boring

As Kahramaa continues to enhance Qatar’s infrastructure, the need for reliable and experienced boring contractors becomes paramount. Boring contractors play a crucial role in the installation of underground utilities, ensuring the seamless operation of water, electricity, and telecommunication systems. In this blog, we’ll delve into the key criteria to consider when selecting boring contractors for Kahramaa projects in Qatar, emphasizing the importance of expertise, safety, and efficiency.

Expertise and Experience: One of the foremost criteria in choosing boring contractors is their expertise and experience in underground construction projects. Look for contractors with a proven track record of successfully completing similar projects for Kahramaa or other reputable organizations. Experience in navigating Qatar’s unique geological and environmental challenges is invaluable, as it ensures that contractors can anticipate and address potential obstacles effectively.

Technological Capabilities: In the rapidly evolving field of underground construction, technological advancements play a crucial role in enhancing efficiency and accuracy. When evaluating boring contractors, assess their technological capabilities, including the equipment and methods they employ. Contractors utilizing state-of-the-art boring technologies such as horizontal directional drilling (HDD) or microtunneling demonstrate a commitment to innovation and efficiency, leading to smoother project execution and minimized disruptions.

Safety Standards and Compliance: Safety is non-negotiable in underground construction projects, where workers are exposed to various hazards. Prioritize contractors with robust safety protocols and a demonstrated commitment to maintaining a safe working environment. Ensure that contractors adhere to international safety standards and comply with local regulations set forth by Kahramaa and relevant authorities in Qatar. Additionally, inquire about contractors’ safety records and certifications to gauge their dedication to prioritizing the well-being of their workers and the community.

Quality Assurance and Project Management: Effective project management and quality assurance are essential for the successful execution of boring projects. Seek contractors with robust project management systems in place, including clear communication channels, comprehensive scheduling, and diligent quality control measures. Contractors with ISO certifications or other quality management certifications demonstrate a commitment to delivering high-quality workmanship and adhering to stringent industry standards.

Environmental Considerations: Environmental sustainability is a core value embraced by Kahramaa and Qatar’s development initiatives. When selecting boring contractors, assess their environmental policies and practices, ensuring alignment with Kahramaa’s sustainability goals. Look for contractors that employ environmentally friendly drilling techniques, minimize disturbance to natural habitats, and prioritize responsible waste management practices throughout the project lifecycle.

Reputation and References: Lastly, consider the reputation and references of potential boring contractors before making a decision. Seek feedback from previous clients and industry stakeholders to gauge contractors’ reliability, professionalism, and customer satisfaction levels. A contractor’s reputation is a reflection of their performance and integrity, providing valuable insights into their suitability for Kahramaa projects in Qatar.

Conclusion: Choosing the right boring contractors for Kahramaa projects in Qatar requires careful consideration of various criteria, including expertise, technological capabilities, safety standards, project management practices, environmental considerations, and reputation. By prioritizing contractors with a proven track record of excellence, a commitment to safety and sustainability, and a dedication to delivering quality workmanship, Kahramaa can ensure the successful execution of underground construction projects that contribute to Qatar’s continued growth and development.

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Step-by-step Guide to Increase Water Level in Borewells

Category : Boring

Borewells are an integral part of any civic infrastructure in Qatar. With the lack of access to freshwater in Qatar, borewells tend to be the only way for people to obtain fresh groundwater. The water in borewells is considered safe for drinking and as a result, several contractors seek to maximise bore well water levels. Here is a step-by-step guide so that you too can maximise bore well water levels.

What is Bore Water?

Bore water, also known as groundwater or well water, is water that is found underground in porous soil or rock formations. It is accessed using a borehole, which is commonly used to access underground water sources in areas where the water table is relatively shallow. This bore water is pumped out of the ground using a pump and is often used for irrigation, domestic use, or industrial purposes.

How to Maximise Bore Well Water Levels?

To increase the water in borewells, these are the 5 steps you can follow.

  • Inspect Pump and Motor

First, check the pump and motor to make sure they are working properly. If the pump or motor is damaged, it may be causing the water level to drop. This is one of the most common causes of reduced water in borewells.

  • Check for Blockages

Next, check the borewell for any blockages or debris preventing water from flowing freely. Remove any debris or blockages that you find. This will allow you to quickly maximise bore well water levels.

  • Investigate Water Table

If the pump and borewell are clear, the water level may be low due to a drop in the water table. In this case, you may need to deepen the borewell to reach a deeper water source. However, this method of maximising bore well water levels can prove costly.

  • Install New Pump and Motor

If the water level is still low after checking the pump, motor, and borewell for blockages, you may need to consider installing a new pump or motor. Or, you could consider hiring experts like Al Abrag Trading Est. who specialises in drilling borewells. With the help of such experts, you can gain access to new equipment to increase water in borewells.

  • Consult Experts

If you have tried all of these steps and the water level is still low, consider alternative sources of water, such as a well or a municipal water supply. Since this is usually not feasible in Qatar, you can opt for professionals like Al Abrag Trading Est. which is one of the leading drilling companies in the country.

How to Check Water Levels in Borewells?

Once you have an increased level of water in borewells, you need to confirm this by physical measurements. There are a few different methods you can use to check the water level in a borewell.

  • Using a water level indicator

It consists of a tube with markings on it that are placed in the borewell, and a float that moves up and down in the tube as the water level changes.

  • Using a rope and stick

To do this, you will need a long, sturdy stick and a piece of rope that is long enough to reach the bottom of the borewell.

  • Using a pressure gauge

You can measure the pressure in the pipe as it increases with the dropping water level in the borewell and decreases with the rising water levels.


If you wish to eliminate these hassles, you can simply hire the services of Al Abrag Trading Est. who can help you increase and measure water in borewells easily.

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Boring and Drilling in the 21st Century

Category : Boring

The boring and drilling industry has undergone several scientific innovations since the 1900s. In 1900, the method of directional drilling was invented which enabled contractors to drill down to any underground target. Regardless of the horizontal displacement and the true vertical depth, boring and drilling equipment of this time could accurately reach the underground target. A variation of this same technology is currently in use during the 21st century. 

Scope of Boring and Drilling in the 21st Century

Prior to the 21st century, there were several instances where guesswork and estimation were involved in the process of boring and drilling. Today, accurate data-driven and analytical methods are used to identify groundwater points for borewells. As a result, most boring and drilling contractors use a variety of methods of doing this. 

The scope of boring and drilling in the 21st century is to minimise costs and maximise operational efficiency. Hence, such data-driven methods coupled with modern boring and drilling equipment like those provided by Al Abrag Trading are widely used throughout Qatar. There are two types of drilling bits that you can use to achieve both of these scopes – the directional and non-directional drilling techniques. 

Directional Drilling in the 21st century

Most directional drills in the 21st century are based on innovations in boring and drilling from the 1970s. Whether you rent a truck-mounted, portable, track, or any other type of drilling rig, you will notice that the drilling bit has a magnetic single shot with a bent sub. These are connected to a downhole mud motor that ultimately pushes the drill bit into the earth. 

The main reason that directional drilling has been adapted into 21st-century boring and drilling is because of several factors underground that impact the horizontal deviation of the drill.  Some of these factors in the soil include formation dips, faults, and bedding planes. In order to overcome these deviational factors, companies in Qatar like Al Abrag Trading Co. use direction drilling technology in their boring and drilling equipment. 

Automation in Boring and Drilling

In the 21st century, automation has become an integral part of several industries. The same can be said for boring and drilling contractors. Emerging technologies like the automated downhole navigation system are increasingly being deployed and tested in different parts of the world like Norway. During the implementation of such systems in Norway, it was found that automated feeding and analysis of data into the boring and drilling equipment greatly reduced human error. This not only enhanced the efficiency of the entire process but also led to a wider range of applications for boring and drilling contractors.

Al Abrag Trading Co. in Qatar has several types of drilling rigs that can be integrated with such automated systems. This can help your company to increase boring and drilling efficiency as well as reduce operational costs of manual labour. 

A-RSS in the 21st Century

Another significant innovation that the 21st century has brought to the boring and drilling sector, is the deployment of Automated Rotary Steering Systems (A-RSS). It is essentially a type of directional drilling that helps to further enhance drilling efficiency, and reduce the risks as well as the costs in boring and drilling. This type of directional drilling technology has today become commonplace in Qatar. You can find these in portable, track, and truck-mounted drilling rigs in Qatar.


Al Abrag Trading Co. realizes that it is necessary to continuously improve upon technological innovation. Hence, it provides boring and drilling contractors with the latest in boring and drilling technology in Qatar.

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Why You Need To Hire A Professional Boring Company In Qatar

Category : Boring

Boring and underground drilling work is an essential part of the construction and civil industry.  The innumerable claims of boring contractors around the state of Qatar make it tough to choose when looking for the best boring contractor. While several boring contractors will claim to be superior to their competition, it is important to make a good decision before hiring a boring contractor. Boring & Drilling contractors specialize in different types of drilling works. This could directly affect the quality of boring work you require. It is important to understand the scope of work involved and the level of experience of your boring contractor. Hiring an inexperienced boring contractor can hamper the speed and quality of your drilling work.

Hiring a professional boring company in Qatar is essential for various industries that require drilling or boring services, such as the oil and gas industry, infrastructure construction, and mining. The success of any such project depends on the experience, skills, and professionalism of the drilling contractor.

Here are some of the biggest advantages of hiring professional and well-experienced boring contractors in Qatar:

Proficiency and experience 

Professional boring Drilling Contractors in Qatar for kahramaa ,skilled & competent soil boring activity in Qatar. With in-depth knowledge of soil type, geographical contours and land topography – professional contractors in Qatar are able to execute boring and drilling work with ease.

All inclusive services

Also hiring contractors in Qatar, a professional & skilled boring contractors like Al Abrag Trading Co. is that the company will provide you with a comprehensive drilling service package that includes all aspects of drilling and boring works. Hiring accomplished boring contractors will ensure the uninterrupted execution of boring work from the start to the finish, without the need for multiple subcontractors.

Experience and technical advantage

Expert boring contractors in Qatar can rely on their experience and technical knowledge to ensure the most advanced and effective drilling services for their customers. Boring works require intrinsic knowledge of certain technicalities to ensure quality boring and drilling. Hiring professional boring contractors will ensure a seamless quality of service.


A professional boring company has the expertise to handle drilling or boring projects effectively, safely, and efficiently. They have trained and qualified professionals who know how to operate drilling equipment, and they also have an in-depth knowledge of the geology and terrain of Qatar’s diverse landscape.

Cutting-edge Equipment

Professional boring companies have access to the latest equipment, tools, and technologies in the drilling industry. They have the necessary equipment to handle various types of drilling, such as directional drilling, horizontal drilling, and vertical drilling.

Safety Measures

A professional boring company prioritizes safety in their operations. They have safety protocols and procedures in place to ensure that their drilling operations are safe for their employees, the environment, and the surrounding communities.


Hiring a professional boring company can be cost-effective in the long run. Their teams have the knowledge and experience to complete a project quickly and efficiently, which can help reduce the project’s construction time, minimize downtime, and minimize overall costs.

High-Quality Results

Professional boring companies ensure that their clients receive high-quality results. They perform quality control checks throughout the project to ensure that the drilling is of the highest standard and meets the client’s specifications.

Value for money and time

Boring companies like Al Abrag Trading Co. have skilled manpower that creates value for your money. Established boring companies in Qatar will offer a perfect valuation and pricing for the services rendered. Customer satisfaction is a top priority for professional boring companies in Qatar. Having regard for customers’ time is another priority for boring companies in Qatar. 

Transparency in dealings

Customers always want transparency in dealings. Some of the top boring companies in Qatar like Al Abrag Trading Co. ensure transparent dealings and accountability in all transactions with customers. 


Hiring a professional boring company in Qatar is essential for any drilling or boring project. They have the experience, expertise, equipment, and safety protocols needed to complete a project efficiently, effectively, and safely. By hiring a professional drilling contractor, clients can be assured of high-quality results and continued success for their projects.

Comparing experienced boring Drilling contractors are more organized than new drilling companies in Qatar. The reason is that experienced boring contractors are aware of the intrinsic details involved in boring and drilling works. The construction industry in Qatar is a booming sector that requires the services of boring contractors. With a range of comprehensive services, Al Abrag Trading Co. is one of the most preferred boring contractors in Qatar.

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Top 5 Ways To Identify Groundwater Points For Borewell Drilling

Category : Boring

Drilling a borewell may seem simple enough with the right equipment. But it is the preliminary survey work that makes it a complex task. A borewell is generally used to access groundwater streams flowing under the soil. Once such groundwater points have been identified, digging a borewell is only a matter of time and cost. But what methods can you use to accurately identify these groundwater points? The choice of method often depends on your purpose for drilling a borewell. Nevertheless, here are the top 5 ways to accurately identify groundwater points for drilling a borewell.

Looking out for nature’s signals

Nature has its ways of providing for its creatures. Ancient nomadic humans could often identify groundwater points just by looking at the species of flora nearby. Some have claimed that species like Neem, Tamarind, and Acacia trees have a way of indicating the presence of groundwater aquifers. It has been found that if some branches of these trees bend downwards in a straight line, this indicates the presence of groundwater. Research has also ratified this claim in recent years.

The power of geomagnetism

While modern science has confirmed ancient techniques of groundwater identification, it has a few tricks up its own sleeve. State-of-the-art survey techniques like geomagnetic surveys can help accurately identify groundwater points above the ground. A case study conducted in Nigeria has confirmed that this technique can be used to accurately assess the potential of groundwater in basement complex terrains. This means using the geomagnetism method and a track drilling rig, you can easily drill borewells to access groundwater in such terrains. 

Induced polarization for minimal errors

Another method that is new but is used widely is the induced polarization method. This method is so popular because it minimises the chances of errors due to the resistivity of the surrounding rock layers. For example, 2D structure mapping is generated using the geomagnetism method. But in some cases, there may be a degree of error due to the surrounding rocks in the soil. The induced polarization method is practically immune to such errors.

Maybe try the VLF method

The Very Low Frequency (VLF) sounding method is yet another great way to identify groundwater points for drilling borewells. Research data from the Niger Delta in Africa and Andhra Pradesh in India have proven that the VLF technique provides quite accurate results. In some cases, you can even combine 2D Electrical Resistivity Imaging (ERI) for more accurate results. Once you have identified the correct groundwater points, you can use a truck-mounted drilling rig to drill your borewell.

Using the most advanced techniques

Last but not least, Proton Magnetic Resonance Sounding is gradually gaining traction as one of the most accurate techniques to identify groundwater points. Some of the earliest research in this domain was conducted in France in 2004. This research confirmed that this technique provides highly accurate results for weathered basement rocks. Regardless of the topography or geology in areas like Europe, Asia, and Africa, this method has proven to be highly successful. Marking the location of the potential groundwater source

Hiring a professional to drill a test hole

Marking the location of the potential groundwater source

Using geophysical methods to map the groundwater source

It is important to consult with a professional before drilling a borewell. They can help you choose the best location for your borewell and ensure that it is drilled properly.

Key Takeaway

All of these methods to identify groundwater points for drilling a borewell may not apply to you. Some of these methods have been found to work best in certain specific topography, geology, as well as climate. However, once you have identified the correct groundwater points, you can rent a portable drilling rig from a renowned supplier like Al Abrag Trading Co. and have your equipment delivered to you in no time.

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Common Borewell Drilling Mistakes To Avoid

Category : Boring , Drilling

If you are planning to drill a borewell in your property, you might want to consider reading through this article to avoid some of the most commonly made mistakes people make while drilling borewells. While drilling borewells may seem like a straightforward job, it is not really so. Drilling a borewell needs to be well planned with many factors to consider before starting the job. Often, people ignore the factors and end up making grave mistakes while drilling a borewell. 

Borewell drilling is a critical process that provides a valuable source of water for residential, agricultural, and industrial use. However, without proper planning and execution, the process can be plagued by mistakes that can result in problems with the borewell and the water supply. To help you avoid these mistakes

Let’s look at some of the common mistakes while drilling a borewell so that you can avoid them. 

Soil check

Before setting out to drill a borewell, be sure to check the quality of the soil. This is by far one of the most important factors to consider before you drill a borewell. 

Different soils hold up differently, while some soil may be easy to drill through, others may take effort. It is best to hire a professional drilling company in Qatar like Al Abrag Est who have a qualified team of skilled personnel who have the knowledge and expertise on the different soil types and water tables. 

Compliances with Government Regulations

Ignoring Government regulations while drilling a borewell can lead to heavy fines and equivalent punishments. 

While drilling a borewell there are many environmental and other compliances that must be adhered to. Also, there may be certain permissions that need to be sought before the drilling work begins. Disregarding these necessary compliances may have adverse consequences. To avoid complications, it is advisable to hire a well-established borewell drilling company in Qatar like Al Abrag Est. This highly experienced borewell digging company is aware of the laws and regulations, permissions and grants required before drilling a borewell.

Investing in a reliable pump

Borewell pumps are submersible pumps that access the water from the ground. Investing in a reliable and durable pump will allow you to enjoy the benefits of your borewell for a long time. Compromising on the quality of a borewell pump may lead to frequent malfunctions and may cost you double the amount of money on repairs and servicing. 

Also, low quality pumps may lead to a low water output which defeats the whole purpose of drilling a borewell. While installing the pump, ensure the quality of the motor and pipes.  

Not Checking the Water Table Level

One of the most significant borewell drilling mistakes is not checking the water table level before drilling. The water table level refers to the depth at which water is found in the ground. If the borewell is drilled too deep, it may not reach the water table and may not provide a sufficient supply of water. To avoid this mistake, it is essential to check the water table level before drilling and ensure that the borewell is drilled to the correct depth.

Not Conducting a Survey

Another common borewell drilling mistake is not conducting a survey. A survey is necessary to determine the location of the borewell, the depth at which it should be drilled, and the type of equipment needed to drill it. If a survey is not conducted, the borewell may not be drilled in the right location or may not reach the water table, resulting in a dry borewell.

Using the Wrong Equipment

Using the wrong equipment is another borewell drilling mistake that can cause problems during drilling and may not provide a sufficient supply of water. The type of equipment used depends on the type of soil, the depth of the borewell, and the water table level. To avoid this mistake, it is important to use the correct equipment for the specific conditions and to ensure that the equipment is in good working condition before drilling.

Not Checking for Underground Utilities

Another mistake that is commonly made during borewell drilling is not checking for underground utilities before drilling. Underground utilities, such as water and gas lines, can pose a significant risk if they are not located before drilling. To avoid this mistake, it is important to check for underground utilities before drilling and take the necessary steps to ensure that they are not damaged during the drilling process.

Not Sealing the Borewell Properly

Sealing the borewell is an essential step in the drilling process to prevent contamination of the water supply. However, if the borewell is not properly sealed, it can lead to contamination and a decrease in water quality. To avoid this mistake, it is important to ensure that the borewell is properly sealed with high-quality materials and that the sealing process is properly carried out.

Not Monitoring the Borewell Regularly

Regular monitoring of the borewell is essential to ensure that it is functioning correctly and to prevent problems from developing. However, many people do not monitor their borewells regularly, which can lead to problems that could have been prevented if the borewell was monitored more frequently. To avoid this mistake, it is important to monitor the borewell regularly and to address any issues that arise as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

Hence, borewell drilling is a critical process that requires careful planning and execution to avoid mistakes that can result in problems with the borewell and the water supply. By understanding and avoiding common borewell drilling mistakes, you can ensure that your borewell is properly drilled and provides a safe and reliable source of water. To avoid these mistakes, you can always employ experts like Al Abrag EST. in Qatar.

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Benefits Of Drilling A Borewell

Category : Boring , Drilling

What is a Borewell?

A borewell is a narrow, deep well drilled into the ground to extract groundwater. Borewells are also known as wells, water wells, or boreholes. They are a common source of water for domestic, agricultural, and industrial use. Borewells are drilled into aquifers, which are underground layers of rock or sand that hold water. The water in an aquifer is replenished by rainfall or seepage from surface water bodies.

If you are in two minds whether to drill a borewell or not, here are some reasons you should decide in favour of drilling a borewell on your land. 

Water- who does not want water!

One of the reasons you must drill a borewell is because it provides you with water. Water is the most essential natural element. The availability of ground water is one of nature’s bounties. Tapping this groundwater will be beneficial to you. 

Enhances the value of your property

Land is an asset. Availability of water on your land increases the value of your land. Digging a borewell and tapping underground water will enhance the value of your property. With depleting water levels around the globe, water is now becoming more and more valuable. Increase the value of your property by digging a borewell and tapping underground water. 

One time investment

One of the benefits of digging a borewell is that it is a one time and long-term investment through which you reap multiple benefits. Digging a borewell in your land will give you the long-term benefit of water. With regular maintenance of the borewell your investment will last you many years. 

Easy to maintain

Borewells do not require high cost for maintenance. Borewells once dug need minimum upkeep and preservation costs. However, it must be noted that properly dug borewells require less maintenance and upkeep costs. Therefore, it is advisable to contact one of the best borewell companies like Alabrag Est in Doha-Qatar for all your borewell installation needs. Contacting professionals to do the job will ensure your investment does not go in vain. 

Money saver

Digging borewells can help you cut costs. You can easily save money by reducing your dependence on the water supplied by the water company. This water can be expensive especially during the summer season when your usage might increase. With your own borewell you can supplement your water needs without having to draw excess water from the water company. 

“Good water” from borewells

Borewells provide you with natural water present under the ground. This water is rich in natural minerals unlike the treated water from the water supplier. The water supplied from the water company may be treated with chemicals and other agents to make the water fit for human consumption. However, these chemicals may have certain adverse effects in the long run. Borewell water is natural and unaltered through human intervention. Also, underground water contains natural minerals that are beneficial. 

Reduces your dependence on Water supplier

Your own personal borewell, will greatly reduce your dependence on the water supplier (KAHRAMAA). Therefore, you can be sure that you will have a continuous supply of water even if the water company fails to provide water. Many times, they may not be able to provide water due to some technical difficulties or a breakdown. With your personal borewell, you need not worry because you can depend on your own supply of borewell water. 

Multiple use for borewell water

Borewells can be drilled one private as well as commercial land. Water from borewells can be used for a range of purposes like personal consumption, irrigation, swimming pool, flora and fauna and other purposes.

Borewell Drilling Pumps?

A borewell drilling pump is a pump that is used to extract water from a borewell. Borewell drilling pumps are typically submersible pumps, which means that they are placed underwater in the borewell. Submersible pumps are the most efficient type of pump for borewells because they can lift water from a greater depth.

Why Purchase Borewell Drilling Pumps

  • Increased water flow: Borewell drilling pumps can increase the flow of water from a borewell. This is especially important for applications that require a high volume of water, such as irrigation or industrial use.
  • Improved water quality: Borewell drilling pumps can help to improve the quality of water from a borewell. This is because they can remove sediment and other contaminants from the water.
  • Extended life of borewell: Borewell drilling pumps can help to extend the life of a borewell. This is because they can prevent the borewell from drying up or becoming clogged.


Drilling a borewell can be a great investment in your home or business. Borewells provide a reliable source of high-quality water, which can save you money and give you peace of mind. If you are considering drilling a borewell, be sure to consult with a qualified borewell drilling contractor to get an estimate and to learn more about the process.

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How Are Borewells Drilled?

Category : Boring , Drilling

Water borewells are one of the most common sources of water. They are professionally dug wells that penetrate deep into the ground to tap water from water bearing soil and rocks.

Drilling of borewells is not an easy process. Many factors need to be considered before drilling borewells. 

  1. Topography Of The Land

Before drilling a borewell, the topography and contour of the land needs to be considered. The topography of the land can be determined by professional hydro geologists who can also locate the position of water below the ground. Hydro geologists chalk out the eventual path for the drilling work to be carried out, making certain that the drilling process does not affect any other underground laid pipes or connections. Al Abrag Est, one of the leading drilling companies in Doha employ professional hydro geologists for all drilling works.

  1. Drilling The Borewell

The next step is drilling the borewell into the ground and up to the level of groundwater. The steps to drilling the borewell must follow a scientific approach to get the best results. A small error in determining the drilling of the borewell can lead to catastrophic losses. 

  1. Water Yield

The purpose of drilling a borewell is to obtain maximum ground water from the site. Assessing the yield of water can be determined by using test pumps and certain calculations. Determining the yield of water is difficult due to the shift in variables. Proper examination of borewell sites along with the right measures can give a 90% accuracy with regard to the yield of the borehole. 

  1. Installation

Drilling of borewells in the desired sites needs to comply with the local regulations regarding drilling of borewells. Once all the compliances are met, installing borewell pumps and pipes is the next stage. The type of pump set and size of pipes among other criteria, depends on the purpose the borewell is going to be used for. 

Cost Of Drilling Borewells

The cost of drilling borewell largely depends on a number of influencing factors

Topography Of Land

The topography of land largely affects the cost of the borewell to be drilled. This is because groundwater will flow differently depending on the type of soil or rock. Having an experienced hydro geologist on the team will ensure accurate estimation of costs.

Depth Of Borehole To Be Drilled

The deeper the borewell the higher the costs of drilling. At locations where groundwater is deep, more machinery and equipment may be required to drill. 

Purpose Of The Borewell

As mentioned earlier, the purpose of the borewell is an important factor that determines the type of installation and the type of pump sets and pipes used. Borewells used for domestic purposes may use lighter powered pumps when compared to pump sets and pipes used for industrial purposes. 


The cost of drilling borewells is directly proportionate to the labour, machinery and materials used in construction. 

Drilling boreholes is not a simple task. It requires the expertise of professionals as well as the work of skilled and manual labour. A well experienced drilling company in Qatar like Al Abrag Est can offer professional services when it comes to the drilling of borewells. 

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All you need to know before choosing a boring contractor in Qatar

Category : Boring

With rapid infrastructural growth, comes the need for certain development activities like laying of gas pipes, telephone lines, fibre optic lines and water pipelines. These infrastructural development plans all require boring contractors to do the job.

Finding the best boring contractor that will fulfil all your boring requirements can be an uphill task. However, with a few references and a complete checklist, you can hire the best boring company in Qatar.

Use these pointers to help you decide

Experience Matters

While searching for boring companies in Qatar, it is advisable to opt for a boring contractor with experience. The earth is a mysterious planet, you never know what may spring up from the depths of the earth while you bore deep down. An experienced boring contractor will be able to navigate the earth well, thereby saving you a lot of time and money. An inexperienced boring contractor may not know how to negotiate any hurdles that may occur during the boring process. Hiring a novice in this field may result in a waste of your time, energy and money.

Work out a Package

The charge of boring companies in Qatar varies drastically. It is necessary to go over the fee and other charges of the boring company before hiring them. You do not want to be stuck in a situation where your budgets are strained and your project has to be necessarily delayed.

Discuss your requirements with the contractor well in advance. This gives the contractor time to compute the charges and fees for the period of hire.
You can also pre-fix your budget set aside for boring work and look for an experienced boring contractor that fits well within your budget.

Location Specific

It is always a good idea to look for a boring company in Qatar located close to the site. Boring work requires the contractors to be on-site most of the time. Therefore, for all boring contracts in Qatar it is necessary to hire a boring company.

Whereas, on the other hand, if you choose a boring contractor from another location, several external factors come into play like weather and transportation. These factors can adversely delay your boring project.

Goodwill of Contractor

Choosing a boring contractor in Qatar having a good reputation is always an advantage. Make certain that the boring contractors are recognised by the industry with all certifications and required licences in place.

Testimonials from customers and industrial acknowledgments are something you can look for while gauging the boring contractor’s repute.

There are innumerable boring companies in Qatar, choosing the right one is very important. Use these guidelines to help you select the right boring contractor for your project.

If you’re looking for a boring company for all of your drilling and boring contracts, Contact Al Abarag Trading Est