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The Future of Drilling Rig Trading

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The Future of Drilling Rig Trading

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The 4th industrial (Industry 4.0) revolution is concerned with increased levels of digital connectivity. In Qatar, Industry 4.0 has already started to impact some of its leading industries like the engineering sector. Equipment like drilling rigs is gradually becoming automated. However, it is not just the automation of such equipment but also remote control and access that makes it eligible for Industry 4.0 in Qatar. 

Drilling Rigs of the Future

Traditional drilling rigs like the track, truck-mounted, and portable drilling rigs are used by almost all engineering contractors in Qatar. But some have started innovating by using digital drilling systems. Such a digital drilling system incorporates several drilling rigs located geographically apart. There is a central drilling cockpit that connects all these individual pieces of equipment. 

One of the biggest benefits of such digitally connected drilling rigs is that information is exchanged seamlessly between nodes. Each geographical location acts as a node wherein a single drilling rig operates. The teams operating this drilling rig not only have access to the central cockpit remotely but also to the other teams operating drilling rigs in different parts of the world. 

Leveraging Data for Optimum Performance

Besides the fact that these drilling rigs of the future facilitate continuous data exchange, they are also geared towards minimising human error. If you have several types of drills deployed at your construction site, a digitally connected network of these drilling rigs can saturate your system with insightful and actionable data. The targeted control systems, including the drilling control network, the power management system, and the dynamic positioning system all provide various types of data that can be synthesised. 

Analysis of such data using relevant data models can help detect anomalies in the functioning of these drilling rigs. Moreover, there is no need for human workers to always be present on the field to identify these anomalies. The benefit of this is that risks and hazards in the drilling process can be avoided by early detection. 

Access to Experts and Simulations

The drilling rig of the future is rapidly changing the dynamic of the construction as well as the mining industry. Before the advent of technologies like cloud computing, big data analytics, and machine learning, individual drilling rig sites relied on physical visits from experts. These experts would evaluate the data from the drilling rigs to provide suggestions for operational improvement. 

However, the drilling rigs of the future, being connected to one another, have the facility of sharing data and information across networks. Besides, the software that usually runs on these systems has built-in drilling rig simulations. These simulations run forward calculations to anticipate any operational hindrances. As a result, serious failures to the drilling rigs like drilling string damages etc. are identified early on.

Eliminate Downtime With the Drilling Rig of the Future

With all these benefits of an automated as well as digitalised drilling rig system, your construction business will experience almost zero downtime. This is because you will have access to real-time data from your drilling rigs as well as continuous access to experts. Apart from that, your central drilling cockpit will also run simulations that can be used to compare against practical performance. This will help you identify errors and other problems in your drilling rigs before it is too late. 


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